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Value of an Oven Thermometer

May 28, 2012
Fixing your oven temperature with an oven thermometer

Okay peeps, this is serious. This post, potentially, could revolutionize your baking forever! I do not recall where I received this information. But, I do know, it was like a huge (think really, really big) light bulb going off.  You know, big, as in the time my friend told me about Spanx and it revolutionized my post-maternity thighs and derrière type big. Yes, that big…

Okay, so here is the skinny…or the heat in this matter.

Your oven may be lying to you. The same way your tween is every time you ask them a verification question about who all is going to be there. Straight out, look you in the eye, dead serious, lying to you!

The nerve, I know.

So when you go to preheat your oven to 350, it may really be cooking things at 325 or 375, which makes a huge difference, especially when you are baking. It’s like all of those times, you followed the cookie recipe to a T and they still didn’t turn out the way so-and-so made them! Ugh, I hate that!

It is because your oven is lying to you. First of all, most ovens beep and tell you they are preheated to the desired temperature well before they have actually reached the desired temperature. So you believe what your oven tells you and start baking prematurely.

Now you had to bake your cookies for 15 minutes, instead of 10, so the next batch you throw in for 15 minutes, but the oven has actually reached the desired temperature at this point, so this batch burns after 10 minutes. So frustrating!

The solution is an oven thermometer. It tells you the truth. Place it in the center of your oven and leave it in there. Reference it to see when your oven is truly preheated to the desired temperature. It could take a full 30 minutes before your oven reaches a desired temperature. If your oven is like mine (a little nutty), I have to set the desired temperature 10-15 degrees less than what the recipe calls for because my oven bakes everything 15 degrees hotter than it says. For example, if I set my oven to preheat at 350 degrees, my oven thermometer says the temperature in the oven at that setting is actually 365 degrees. So, I set my oven to 335 degrees, knowing this will give me 350 degrees. Problem solved!

You may find your oven is doing exactly what it says it is! Lucky you! You got the oven that always tells the truth! But if not, your lying oven is messing up all of your hard work and yummy spoils!

An oven thermometer is a nominal fee for perfect baked goods!

Fixing your oven temperature with an oven thermometerThis TruTemp thermometer has been baked a few too many times, so I just got a replacement! I am back in business.

So, do a little home science experiment. Go buy an oven thermometer, place it in your oven center, preheat your oven to 350 degrees and wait 30 minutes without opening the oven door, allowing precious hot air to escape. Turn the oven light on after a half hour or so and see if your oven is really baking at 350 degrees. Make adjustments accordingly for future baking!

In short, if your oven is like mine, then you need an oven thermometer.

No need to thank me.

I am glad I could help!

I may have the solution to a lying oven, but I can’t help you out with the lying tween…that’s just a phase you have to get through! It is a phase. It does get better. On the bad days, just bake some cookies and share them with your tween. They may act like they hate you, but I promise, they will love your cookies!

Happy baking!



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