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How to Freeze Sweet Corn

August 9, 2012
How to freeze sweet corn

July means sweet corn season! Yippee skippy!

I became tired of waiting an entire year to enjoy really good farm stand sweet corn, so this year I decided I was going to roll up my sleeves and freeze a couple dozen ears. While out running errands, I made a quick stop at my brother-in-law’s corn stand and nabbed myself a couple dozen.

How to freeze sweet corn

Brilliant, right?

Later that day, plans were made for me to prepare a meal for the staff at a nearby kids camp that my girls attend each summer. There were going to be about 30 staff members. No biggin’, I thought. I will just wait to husk the corn and make the meal instead.

The next day, the hull of my van was loaded with goods for the hard-working staff members of Camp Sonshine. As I headed south of town to make my delivery, I took mental note of my energy level and wondered if I could summon enough gusto to process the ears of corn when I returned home. My energy gaige said it was possible, if not thwarted by some major kafuffle with husband out of town and five kids at home.

My arrival to camp was greeted with appreciative arms and a warm smile. I knew for certain my work and scrumptious food was meant for the most deserved. As a token of thanks, I was gifted with…you guessed it…four dozen ears of corn.

How to freeze sweet corn

I had to chuckle a little, but how could I say no. Honestly, it was perfect. I was already going to be freezing some corn, so this just added to the merriment. There will be lots of creamed corn and corn chowder on the menu come fall. I love it! Thank you Nana for the extras!

Uh humm…looking around…where are my corn huskers anyway?!?

How to freeze sweet corn

Oh look! There they are!!

Wow, they look thrilled, don’t they?

Actually, they were thrilled, I just didn’t capture it in the picture, ha!

How to freeze sweet corn

Okay, seriously, anyone going to do something about this?

My corn huskers were no where to be found!


That’s life.

How to freeze sweet corn

Oh, the pride from 10 minutes of hard work! Look at those smiles! Uh humm…excuse the nudity. I have tried with that one, I really have.

How to freeze sweet corn

Okay, let’s get back to the corn. Husk the ears, removing all of the silk and wash’em up.

How to freeze sweet cornAfter I washed them, I kept them soaking on one side of the sink so the cobs would not dry out as I was processing the ears. This step would, obviously, not be necessary, but remember I had over  70 ears of corn!

How to freeze sweet corn

In a large stockpot, bring water to a boil. Then, submerge ears of corn in the water for 4 minutes. The water will stop boiling and that is okay. Just leave the heat turned to high. Meanwhile, fill a large bowl or side of the sink with ice cold water.

How to freeze sweet cornAfter the four minutes, use tongs to transfer corn from boiling water to iced water to stop the cooking. Once the ears have cooled completely, you can begin removing the corn from the cob. If you have a lot of corn, you may need to do these steps in batches. Duh.

How to freeze sweet cornStand each cob upright on a large cutting board or rimmed baking sheet and using a serrated knife, cut 3/4 of the kernals off of the cob all of the way around, and then, using the back side or straight edge of the knife, scrape the milky juice from the cob as well.

How to freeze sweet corn

Transfer corn and juice into quart sized freezer bags. You can fit 6-8 ears in each bag or about 5 cups, which is perfect for most recipes. If you want to save a few bags with smaller portions you could. I might use those for homemade salsa because that is my Brian’s favorite.

How to freeze sweet corn

Labor of love for ya, right there. Labor of love.

Don’t forget to date your bags. I always date stuff that goes in the freezer, but I have no idea why. It is always used up long before it could possibly go to waste! Big families eat lots of food.

I hope some sweet corn makes its way into your freezer for the long winter months.





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