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Peach Pickin’ with my girls

August 13, 2012
Peach Picking

Peach PickingForty-five minutes east of here lies Nebraska City, a small town filled with charm and beautiful orchards. Amongst my favorites, is Kimmel Orchard which hosts a picturesque venue with rows and rows of fruit trees and bushes, plus an elaborate barn filled with baked goods, fresh produce, homemade jams, fruit pies, sticks of flavored honey, and home-grown Nebraskans greeting you with warm smiles.

They, seemingly, throw a festival in celebration of the harvest of each individual fruit…Strawberry Festival, Peach Festival, Cherry Festival, Apple Jack Festival…you get the idea. It’s one of those strange, funny, and completely adorable things that small towns do to create excitement.

Not wanting to miss the buzz of Peach Fest, I packed a lunch and loaded my girls up for a day trip of peach pickin’.

Peach Picking

Oh, they had ripe blackberries too, so we jumped on that band wagon in a hurry.

What the heck is a band wagon anyway?

One of those weird things I say because I heard it from my mom. Hmm…

Peach Picking

Nice shiner, eh? Child lesson learned: don’t stand at the bottom of a slide when kids are coming down it.

Nice blackberry stains, eh? Mom lesson learned: don’t dress your kid in white to go berry picking.


Is that a black eye? or a blackberry eye?

I know, I know, hilarious, right?

Blackberry Picking

Make sure you fill’em up girls!

I did a great job directing the berry picking.

Blackberry Picking

I’m not going to lie, it was a little more difficult for me to crawl into the thicket with my little attachment. When I did work my way into the thicket, I was so focused on finding the best berries, that when I finally did look down to check on little Sephina, I noticed someone else was very focused on finding the best berries…and poking them in her mouth!

Blackberry Picking

Making stains and memories. Sweet girl.

Blackberry PickingAlright, they are pefectly full. We did a little quality control and each ate a berry to make sure they were good, then made the hike up the big hill to the rows of peach trees.

Peach Picking

I wonder what those two were talking about?

Peach PickingIs this a good one, Mom? 

Peach Picking

Is this a good one, Mom?

The little ones always do what the big ones do.


Peach Picking

Focused and on the hunt.

Peach Picking

She didn’t ask me if they were good ones. She just walked over and posed.

I love it.

Peach PickingLook, Ma, a fuzzy, orange ball!

I think the fuzz deterred her from sticking it in her mouth.

Peach PickingPeach Picking

Wet wipe or diaper change anyone? What in the sam beans happened to my baby wrap? That looks so uncomfortable! Thankfully, we were almost done.

Peach Picking

My cute little peach pickers!

We did not do quality control on the peaches and…uh, well…let’s just say, when I got home, you could definitely tell which peaches my 3 year old picked and which peaches my 12 year old picked.

Peach PickingAfter the trek back to the barn, we were hot, sweaty, and a little hungry. We rewarded our hard work with apple cider donuts and homemade cherry slushies. It was slightly ridiculous, in a good way.

PeachesBack at home, I had lots of peaches demanding my tender, loving attention.

I knew how I was going to keep the baby busy…

BlackberriesBlackberriesI really wanted to use those blackberries to try the Pioneer Woman’s blackberry cobbler, but they didn’t stand a chance.

Sigh. There’s always next time…










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