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Obnoxious or Hilarious?

August 29, 2012
Obnoxious or Hilarious?

I love my husband. I really do. I consider myself pretty darn blessed to have him in my life.

It was the first day of school. I robed myself and sleepily headed downstairs to pack lunches and make coffee. Can I just say, I am not really ready to be bombarded with anything at 6 a.m. until I have had at least one cup of joe. That means, don’t pester me about the laundry and whether or not your favorite shirt was washed and dried or look to me to play referee on whose turn it is to pull the hairball out of the bathtub drain. And please, please don’t talk loudly in my face with morning breath. If you do, you may just get deer in the headlights for a response and nothing more. I redtake that back, I will most definitely instruct you to go brush your tongue and not just your teeth. I will tell you lovingly, of course. Smile.

On a completely different note, I have been sporting the flip phone unashamedly until just a few weeks ago. I know, I know…a bit behind the times. There are so many perks with a smart phone, but honestly, the thought of taking two little kids into the cell phone store for an hour of phone upgrading did not interest me at all! Like, at all! But a horrifying cell phone death was on the brink, when my phone was no longer accepting a healthy charge. The thought of losing all of my contacts sounded like a bigger head ache than going to the cell phone store for an hour with wee ones.

So, here I am with my new iPhone, which I am still familiarizing myself with, heading over to make coffee, when I remember I can check the weather from my smart little device. I reach for it and BAM!

This hits me!

Obnoxious or Hilarious?

My husband who has had an iPhone for quite some time, takes the liberty of photographing himself, at 5 a.m. mind you, and plugs this photo of himself as my screen saver.

Yikes! That is so loud and chipper and border-line spastic at 6 a.m. I will just go ahead and admit that I was slightly annoyed by it, not having had my coffee yet.

After I get my wits about me, and remember that I was going to check the weather, I slide the button to the right and am greeted with this photo for my background!

Obnoxious or Hilarious?

Good gravey! Double flippin’ beans! Only my husband!

At this point, I have a decision to make. See, I still haven’t had my coffee, as I mentioned like forty times now, so I can either be so completely annoyed by how obnoxious and freakish this is, or I can laugh because it really is quite hilarious.

I laughed.

I later discovered that my husband and oldest daughter, who know me so well, were taking bets as to whether I would think these photos were funny or annoying!?!

Am I really that predictable?!?

They both concluded it would just depend on my mood and whether or not I had my coffee.

The irony: my husband doesn’t even drink caffeinated beverages! How is that humanly possible at 5 a.m. to look like that without coffee?



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