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Bar Mop Towels

September 9, 2012
Bar Mop Towels

Bar Mop Towels

Bar mop towels are a mother’s best friend. Here is my free cleaning tip for you: buy lots of white bar mop towels and put them somewhere handy. I have about twenty and keep them under my sink.

I had that stinky wash cloth syndrom thing going on, and it was driving me nuts. I washed my wash cloths regularly, but after a while, they’re just gross for obvious reasons. Look what you use them for…ugh, double gross.

My house is never really that clean, but I like it to be clean. My problem is that I am pretty outnumbered. One mom to eight mess-makers (5 kids, 1 husband, 2 dogs). I have to be realistic about things. Toy explosions I can handle. Clean laundry in piles I can handle. Yucky, sticky dirt, on the other hand beckons my attention. So, I turn to my bar mop towels.

I threw away all of my wash cloths and only use bar mop towels to clean up most of the messes around the house. Especially the ones in the kitchen. Bar mop towels are bigger and more absorbant than a wash cloth. I can cover more surface quicker, and when they are dirty I can bleach the tar out of them and they smell amazing! If they get too stained or too gross, like white undershirts, I just pitch them. They are cheap and you can find them anywhere, so it’s an easy replacement. They have colored bar mop towels now, but I prefer the white so I can bleach them.

Things I use my bar mop towels for:

  1. to clean the floor under where the baby eats
  2. to disinfect kitchen counters and table tops
  3. to wipe down car seats and dash board of my sweet MV
  4. to clean out drawers and cupboards
  5. to wash and dry my wood cutting boards
  6. to soak up spills
  7. to dust with
  8. to clean mirrors (works better than paper towels and doesn’t leave little paper remnants all over the mirror)
  9. to clean glass on front door
  10. to clean paw prints off back door
  11. to wipe down chairs and tables
  12. to spank my husband with when he walks by
  13. to wipe down floor boards
  14. to clean fingerprints off the walls (along with Magic Eraser, of course)
  15. etc., etc., etc.

Does the cleaning list of a mother ever end!

I assign one of my girls the chore of carrying down the dirty bar mop towel to the laundry sink after dinner clean up, and put a fresh one out for the next day.

I cannot highly recommend these enough to you. They are more eco-friendly than using paper towels for all of your messes. Paper towels do have their place, but my bar mop towels occupy a special place in my heart.

That sounds kinda weird. I’ll rephrase that: I like them A LOT and highly recommend them to you.

No need to thank me for this one. As I said before, it’s a free tip. Smile.

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