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The Glasses

October 9, 2012
The Glasses

Well, we made the trek out again to purchase some spectacles for my 3 year-old.  She was filled with so much excitement.

Why shouldn’t she be? She was going to see better!

The Glasses

After all, this is my child that wears swim goggles all year round as “spy glasses.”

The Glasses

She considered this look. However, it was already taken by my goofy, silly-hearted, can’t-help-but-love-her twelve year-old.

Patterned duct tape! Who knew?!

The Glasses

There was always the Top Gun option…

The Glasses

…but we settled on this instead.

The glasses-wearing mommy in me wants to straighten those out on my own nose. That is such a weird phenomenon isn’t it? Whenever I see someone with their glasses on crooked, I can feel it on my own nose and reach to my bridge to straighten things that are not on my contact-wearing face. Hm…

The Glasses

Well, I don’t think the glasses hurt the cuteness factor any. If anything, they just enhanced it. Oh wait, that’s just me being a biased mummy. My deepest apologies.





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